Digital Product Counting Module

Digital Product Counting module enables the customer to ensure whether the products that need to be produced in the workstations have actually been produced, how many products have been pro-duced, and many more such processes can be tracked on the dashboard via Digital Product Counting module. Thanks to the Digital Product Counting module, the factory can be easily managed with the data entered on the tablet by the workers, the work supervisor or the production planning supervi-sor

The features of the Digital Product counting module are listed below

Tracking which type of product is being produced on which workstation and how many units have been produced (through the tablet placed on the workstation, the worker enters the data on the tablet and transfers it to the Dashboard)

How many products were produced on which workstation; how many defect products, how many non-defect products (Note: In this module, workers enter the data manually on the tablet)

Real-time monitoring and reporting of produced products over the dashboard

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reporting of the produced products over the dashboard

Integrating the data in the Dashboard with ERP/SAP/Myfactory via API services (optional)

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