Real Time Product Counting Module

Real-time video stream is taken using cameras placed on Workstations which is then, pro-cessed by image processing-based AI algorithms to count the products that workers are checking and placing in each box. The count data is then sent to Dashboard to track produc-tion status of relevant workstation continuously. Thus, even if workers do not enter count data manually, production line in the factory can be tracked in real time.

The Features

Real-time Tracking of which product is being produced in which workstation and how many products are produced (while the worker checks products, the system counts products in real-time using camera placed on the workstation and then, transfers the count data to the Dashboard) (optional), there is a tablet on the table for situations such as miscounting, etc. and the products counted by the worker are seen on this tablet in real time.

How many products were produced on which workstation; how many defect products, how many non-defect products (Note: In this module, workers enter the data manually on the tablet)-

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reporting of the produced products over the dashboard

Real-time monitoring and reporting of produced products over the dashboard

Integrating the data in the Dashboard into ERP/SAP/Myfactory system via API services (op-tional)

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