We create strong collaborations to transform manual infrastructure into digital with new generation solutions. Since we develop software solutions, we cooperate with companies working in the manu-facturing sector in 3 different field

We cooperate with hardware manufacturers (IP camera, Serv-er, switch, Access Points etc.) for the foundation or expansion of the factory network infrastructure. One of our collabora-tions was achieved with Cisco.

We give distributorships in the activities such as sales, packaging, etc. of the software solu-tions we have developed for digitalizing the production processes of factories. If you are working for the digitalization of factories in the production or quality control sector, please contact us for cooperation.

Using our API services, we can integrate our developed software solutions into the already existing ERP system of the factories in order to obtain end-to-end data traceability. Thus, companies that have at least semi-digital transformation can fetch the data from the end point using our developed solution and later, integrate this data into ERP system. You can consider our software solutions as MES solutions. In this context, we can provide integrations with ERP brands like SAP, myfactory.