Workstation Management Module

As soon as the worker who is involved in production line enters the factory, work instructions must be sent to him/her. With the Workstation management module, it is now possible to assign work in-structions such as which workstation the workers will work at, how long they will work, what work they will do and much more via InduSafe Dasboard. The task instructions will be automatically for-warded and be visible on the worker’s Tablet Interface.

It is now very easy to perform real-time management of Workstations in the factory and conveniently assign workers to the relevant workstations according to the workflow. The personnel who need to work on the relevant workstation can be easily assigned via InduSafe Dashboard and the work status of the relevant personnel can be tracked on the Dashboard in real-time.

Workstation management module has the following features

The workstations on which the staff should work can be assigned and monitored by the ad-ministrator

Step-by-step monitoring of workflow with timestamps (which job is on which workstation, which worker is on which workstation, are the given jobs finished, what percentage of the jobs are completed, etc.)

Ensuring that the worker follows the necessary work safety procedures to perform the rele-vant work (e.g. wearing gloves, goggles, cleaning the workstation, etc.).

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