Training Module

In quality control factories, workers need to be continuously trained to be able to produce the prod-uct correctly. In quality control factories with a high number of workers, the personnel who are new to the factory production process need to be trained regarding the correct way of producing prod-ucts or how the products should be checked. Even the new workers get specialized training, they can make a mistake.

With the Digital Factory - Training Module, specially developed to prevent worker from making mis-takes in production line, the historical mistakes made on that job are displayed on the tablet before the worker starts his/her job and later, the worker is challenged to pass a test related to the work to be done. The successfulness of the test can be measured by number of correct answers the worker responds to questions on the tablet. It is possible to select and forward the training course to rele-vant worker. The foreman or relevant personnel can easily create a new custom training module on the dashboard.

Training Module Features

Providing the personnel with the training dataset on the tablet screen when the products ar-rive to the workstation and ensuring that the worker is trained on procedures about prod-ucts prior to starting the work.

Via Dashboard being able to add pictures, videos or information about the product that needs to train the worker

The train modules that were previously prepared or used can be assigned to the relevant workstation multiple times like the same procedure as assigning products to relevant Work-station and workers

Deciding whether the worker is suitable to do the task or not by looking at how much time it took the worker to complete the training and the answers he/she gave to the questions dur-ing tes

Assigning workers to related tasks based on their past performance (optional, extra budget)

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