Normally, PLC and similar IoT structures are used to digitize production processes in factories. These structures are insufficient and expensive to digitize every production process. Factories are often looking for unique solutions that they can use in the future. However, the production process of each factory is different from one another and it requires a significant amount of time as well as budget to digitize all processes in a factory. In the production line, there are processes that can be monitored with PLC or IoT devices, but also, manual processes where such solutions cannot be utilized (For example; in quality control factories, workers need to check the products with eyes. In such factories, processes are carried out manually with excel). With InduSafe solutions, it is now possible to digitize all these procedures with the help of IP cameras without any intervention in the production process. In addition, InduSafe AI software solutions can provide a real-time production tracking system where it analyses the production processes that normally be checked by the worker manually.