Zero Carbon Mission

In accordance with the EU mission, great efforts and resources are allocated to achieve 0 emission by 2030. The products we have developed in this context make a significant difference in sustainable production, less energy use, predictive maintenance, production capacity planning in contrast to the conventional production processes of factories.

The main benefits of our software solutions are summarized below

Using the software modules that we have developed, factories can save up to 30% of their workers' time. Consequently, the energy spent by the worker while doing the work at the workstation (using the tablet, turning on the workstation lighting, using the worker's energy) can be reduced by up to 30%.

We give distributorships in the activities such as sales, packaging, etc. of the software solu-tions we have developed for digitalizing the production processes of factories. If you are working for the digitalization of factories in the production or quality control sector, please contact us for cooperation.

Sustainable Production: increasing predictability of the processes in the production unit by end-to-end tracking all its components in real-time, being aware of the time spent on tack-ling the problems that arise in production, being able to foresee the production-related dis-ruptions in the factory and being able to conduct regular predictive maintenance on time will increase production sustainability in the factory.