Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Software Solutions

With this module( "Worker Safety” ) the software detects the proper use of the personal protective equipment (PPE) by the workers. E.g. the software can detect if a person wears her/his protective equipment like glasses, mask, hairnet, gloves, coat accordingly.

PPE Features

The software module of personal protective equipment (PPE) provides various safety issues as below;

Mask detection

Analyse PPE data and making reports

Helmet / Vest / Shoes / Glove / Hairnet / Safety glasses detection

Danger Zone

Whenever worker and machineries interact, potential danger zones can harm workers. With Module 2 - “Worker-Machinery Interactions” - where safety zones will be defined around machineries and workers and trigger a warning if a worker enters a danger zone. In case the software detects a safety-threatening event, it triggers a warning. For example, the corners are most frequent places where accidents happen.

Collision Prevention

An essential part of Module 1 “Worker-Machinery-Interaction” is collision prevention. Through an intelligent real-time situation analysis, potential collision situation can be avoided by triggering a warning whenever a worker enters a danger zone.

Statistical Analysis

InduSafe Statistical Analysis - provides statistical reports regarding work safety issues in factories through modern interactive dashboard. Dashboard has many features such as; modular reporting, data analysis, real time monitoring and user authorization function to look for specific data.

Users can generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistical reports to have an overview about incident types, financial loss due to work safety issues. This helps to compare data based on time periods and later better identify critical areas and make improvements about weaknesses in workplace (for e.q., make safety training more efficient).

Worker Behavior Analysis

Module 4 provides users with “Worker Behavior Analysis”, in which the software will monitor the body movements of the workers and detect specific behaviors that can cause work accidents, such as inattention, fatigue, working in higher levels from ground. The identity of each worker will be always protected by InduSafe “Ident-Protect”.