Enable real-time monitoring of whole production process in your factory with InduSafe AI Software where it analyzes all the processes by processing IP camera stream

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Product Counting InduSafe AI Software

It is now very easy to track production line with IP cameras and InduSafe AI Software, which is normally done with PLCs, sensors or IoT devices.
With IP cameras (security cameras) placed in the production facility, induSafe AI monitors production in real time and generates real-time reports in InduSafe Dashboard. Besides, InduSafe AI does not collect personal data, it only retrieves production-related data and generates real-time reports.

Product Counting InduSafe AI Software Features

Real-time tracking of production through IP cameras, just like a human eye

Tracking of Preliminary Work Procedures

Elimination of processes that reduce the effectiveness in the work process

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With this module( "Worker Safety” ) the software detects the proper use of the personal protective equipment (PPE) by the workers.

Worker-Machinery Interactions

Whenever worker and machineries interact, potential danger zones can harm workers.

Statistical Analysis

InduSafe Statistical Analysis - provides statistical reports regarding work safety issues in factories through modern interactive dashboard.

Worker Behavior Analysis

Module 4 provides users with “Worker Behavior Analysis”, detect specific behaviors that can cause work accidents, such as inattention, fatigue.

Machinery Safety

With Module 5 „Machinery/Storage Safety”, the software will inspect the working conditions of machineries and pre-detect abnormal conditions.